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WINNER, BEST E-BOOK FICTION, 2012, Digital Book World, Publishing Innovation Awards.

“Inspired by David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas.” Wired

“Revolutionary.” CultureOdyssey.com

For 13 billion years the fundamental construction of our Universe remained its own greatest unfathomable mystery.

Then, in 1955, an unknown Princeton student and obsessive reader of science fiction books solved it.

We are all, each and every one of us, bound, forever, to the utterly mysterious reality he uncovered.

This is his story.


“Exemplifies the best in innovative reading.”
Digital Book World

“A remarkable e-novel.”
Caroline Smailes, HarperCollins author of best sellers 99 Reasons & Black Boxes

“Imaginative, entertaining thriller that engages the reader as an integral part of the storytelling process. Shuffle takes the functionalities of the format and uses them in a way that is neither contrived nor overdone, cleverly weaving story and function.”
PIA Awards, judges.

“An endless possibility of multiple universes; allowing any pasts or futures to be true.”

“Reinvents the e-book.”
Good e-reader.com

Seven possible beginnings. Seven possible endings. You decide which is which. Buy an award-winning e-novel designed to be shuffled and read in any order that suits you.