Statement of intent:
I must abstain from matters carnal on the reprehensible orders of a Harley Street man; now glory in secrets and dream of a lost England that, perhaps, never existed.

Age: 61.

Past: Redacted.

Future: Bleak.

I favour the occasional wearing of a sturdy British-made sock-suspender.

Honourable Members of my Club:
Anthony Powell,
John le Carré,
PG Woodhouse,
Graham Greene.

Special powers: Character assassination.

Last Man Bobby by Mister Cairo.

Edward "Teddy" Sayooth, "fat, fucked and fifty," a very bad English spy in a very bad tie, flies high above the flat, dusty plains of Dakota in a Cessna jet. Directly beneath him stands an enigmatic Indian, the very last of his tribe, called Last Man Bobby. Then the Cessna's engines begin to cough and splutter.

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