Statement of intent:
Maybe I'm the next Amis or Franzen or maybe I'm just one more deluded egosaurus; unable to resist the daily addiction of gorging on his own mundane existence then spewing it up all over the blogosphere.

Age: 37.

Past: Geekzilla.

Future: Already uploaded.

If what you have to say is not better than silence; then stay silent.

Those that I truly love:
Sherwood Anderson,
Raymond Carver,
David Mitchell,

Special powers: Never uses a thousand words when just one will do.

Brain Town U.S.A. by Master Double Chin.

Ambitious Princeton PhD, Hugh Everett III has to present Niels Bohr, the world's most respected quantum physicist, with a theory that flies in the face of everything that Bohr believes about physics. Everett confides his secret to his war-vet barber, Joe Scrooby, with catastrophic results.

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