Statement of intent:
I hacked into Herman Melville's brain one Saturday night and discovered it to be the place that God had, all this time, been hiding. The great She gave unto me but one new commandment: "words are like tassels darling; design them to seduce, engineer them to dazzle."

Age: Locked in a vault somewhere inside the Pentagon.

Past: Exotic.

Future: Divine.

Please refer all inquiries to the left hand panel of Hieronymus Bosch's The Garden of Earthly Delights.

My deliciously venal VIPs:
Mr Edgar Alan Poe,
Horace Walpole,
John Moore,
Lord Byron,
John Keats.

Special powers: Doomed, in perpetuity, to see the shadows hidden within limelight.

Darwin Toot calls down the Devil by Lady Valis.

A teenage girl, Mary "Two Tales," flees a sinister cult only to fall into the clutches of another. She writes a gospel – perhaps the first ever written by a woman – that tells of a magnetic South Carolina evangelist called Darwin Toot and the terrible tragedy that engulfs his people.